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QTDC-001 Disc Golf Driver (176.8g) with PDGA Approved


Max Weight:176.8gr




Rim Depth:1.2cm

Rim Thickness:2.0cm

Inside Rim Diameter:17.3cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio:5.7%

Rim Configuration:31.25

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Super distance plate: usually used to throw the first plate in the opening area, in a windy environment can maintain the course and reach the target steadily;

Sharp outer Angle: strong wind breaking, far flying ability;

Suitable for backhand throwing method: can make good use of the wind, increase the distance;

Run-up acceleration rotation: can increase the distance by 20%;

Suitable for a variety of environments: very durable and flexible, providing perfect grip even in wet conditions.

Our various models of Disc golf discs have been certified by the PDGA organization, here is a link to our certification, feel free to check it out.


Disc golf, one of today’s most popular outdoor recreational sports, strengthens the body while promoting bonding among family and friends. Choose Tidesports discs that are certified to be safer!

Packaging can be customized to your needs.

Q: Could I get some information about the scope of your business?

A: Yes, our company specializes in the export of various martial arts sports products, such as mouth guards, taekwondo protective gear, sports floor MATS, judo suits, belt and so on.


Q: Can you tell me about your main export items?

A: Our main export items are sports protective gear, boxing supplies and fitness accessories.


Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

A: We have a very strict quality control system, so we have been recognized and certified by organizations around the world (CE/FDA certificates, etc.) to ensure that the products we produce are always of the best quality.


Q: What do you think of the quality of our products?

A: We are very confident in the quality of our products and have received positive feedback from our customers. We have been engaged in the foreign trade industry for 8 years and hope to reach long-term cooperation with friends around the world through the Internet in the near future!


Q: Would you please let us know your prices?

A: Yes, please provide the specific products and quantities you are interested in and choose to communicate online, or send your inquiry to our email, we will provide you with a quotation immediately.


Q: Are the prices on the list firm offers?

A: Yes, the prices on our list are firm offers, but they are subject to change according to market conditions.



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