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tidesports celebrates its 7th anniversary!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of tidesports! We are going to travel to Guizhou, a southern city in China, from December 22nd to 26th.

Group photo of exhibition customers
Group photo of exhibition customers

Time flies, we have been working in the sports and entertainment industry for 7 years, during which we have gained countless achievements, made many international friends, gathered colleagues from all over China, and also improved our level.

We have expanded from the original mouth care products to all kinds of sports protective gear – chain floor MATS, taekwondo protective gear, etc., we have steadily moved forward from the original exploration to now, which is not without the support of customers around the world, we would like to thank the customers who have been moving forward hand in hand, it is your affirmation that we feel that what we do is valuable, It’s worth doing all the time!

In the next 7 years, we will continue to work on product quality and customer service, and provide the most comfortable and secure purchasing environment for friends around the world!

The next installment will update our five-day Guizhou tour for you! To introduce the unique charm and wonderful of Guizhou, China! Stay tuned!



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